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Shanghai Xidi Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly provides laboratory construction technology and services. We firmly believe that science and technology and innovation will change China's future, and China's laboratory is the cradle of science and technology and innovation. We are committed to providing the most reliable laboratory environment for laboratory users, ensuring the safety, comfort, energy saving and efficiency of the internal people, materials and environment, and creating real and lasting value for Chinese laboratory users.

Xidi regards itself as a company providing laboratory construction technology and services, always putting the interests and experience of the end-users of the laboratory in the first place. All our efforts are to provide services for the end-users of the laboratory and solve the problems they are most concerned about. Whether it is the provision of services, products or project implementation, we always look at the problem from the perspective of end users, and point out all possible hidden dangers and disputes as early as possible. We attach importance to all work related to the interests of users.

Laboratory construction is a complex system engineering, from site selection to planning, from construction to operation, we need to consider power supply, water supply, gas supply, ventilation, temperature, humidity, safety measures, environmental protection and many other factors. How to find the most suitable solution for your laboratory construction according to your actual budget, construction period, use demand and enterprise demand is always the goal of Xidi unremitting pursuit.

Based on the analysis of customer's application requirements, Xidi provides consultation in the preparation of laboratory construction, laboratory planning and design, Laboratory engineering construction and installation, laboratory system engineering services, the overall solution of laboratory construction, so that the laboratory can not only meet your personalized needs, but also meet the relevant laws and regulations, industry rules, testing standards, safety standards and other mandatory planning requirements, and adapt to the continuous improvement of laboratory needs in the future.

Technology is the driving force for Xidi's growth, and service is the guarantee for the sustainable development of ceidilab. We are in awe to provide customers with the most appropriate laboratory construction comprehensive solutions, the best service, and ultimately achieve the best operation of the laboratory. We regard "customer" as the business core, and cultivate customer trust and loyalty by reshaping the customer experience. Whether your enterprise continues to develop now or in the future, ceidilab can support you quickly.

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Corporate culture


The life cycle of customer service starts from the moment of cooperation

Executive power

Executive force

We are in an era of constant change. Opportunities and crises coexist. Understanding change and responding quickly is our most valuable ability. We are lucky to be in an industry with a lot of room for growth, but what we can achieve will ultimately depend on our execution.

Human standard

Person standard

Xidi regards all employees as partners and is the core resource of the company. The company will fully consider the personal growth and development of employees, and always strive to provide better life, working conditions and the most sufficient development space for employees. The goal of increasing the value of human capital is prior to that of financial capital.

Innovation and change

Innovation and Change

Innovation consciousness should be dissolved in the blood of all ceidilabers. Innovation is not only reflected in technology, products and services, but also in all daily things. Innovation means change and change at the same time. We should be used to constantly self denial, deny the inherent way of thinking, and even deny the common sense that is taken for granted.

Community of interests


Only the development of the industry will drive the growth of enterprises. Xidi hopes to contribute to the healthy development of the industry and strive to form a community of interests among customers, employees and partners to promote the development of the whole industry. Externally, we respect all upstream and downstream companies, as well as our competitors. We regard competitors as partners.

Grow together


The internal affairs association will continue to make efforts to enable employees to fully enjoy the value and opportunities brought by the development of the company through a series of measures, and constantly improve their ability and income, including but not limited to job opportunities, authorities, wages, bonus, bonus and other welfare and security.



We are willing to listen carefully to the voices of all parties and will strive to build more smooth communication channels. We welcome any valuable opinions, suggestions and even disputes. However, we need to do the following two points: first, we should not focus on things, but on people; second, we believe that most internal friction is caused by poor communication.

Social responsibility


Profit maximization is never our only goal. We focus on the country, the environment and society. Xidi will fulfill its obligations and responsibilities as a corporate citizen at any stage.