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    Early stage of laboratory construction


    When the laboratory layout is carried out, the technical personnel are engaged in the industrial planning

    Before the decoration of the laboratory, the ventilation and air conditioning system of the clean area is designed by the professional HVAC designer

    Decoration construction is in the charge of the construction team with rich laboratory construction experience

    The decoration process is supervised by professional engineers

    After the decoration is completed, the acceptance team is composed of laboratory evaluation experts, designers, on-site project managers, etc., and the acceptance is carried out according to the laboratory construction specifications

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    The whole process of laboratory construction involves planning, design, cleaning, technology, electrical, HVAC, water supply and drainage, gas pipeline, data acquisition budget, decoration, engineering and other professional fields of technical personnel work together, and finally complete the laboratory construction with professional programs.

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    We should follow the rules and put people first. According to the actual situation of the customer laboratory, combined with the experimental projects carried out, optimize and integrate the laboratory functions, build a scientific and reasonable laboratory layout, so that the laboratory layout meets the requirements of laws and regulations, and meets the personalized needs of customers.

    Interior design, not only laboratory, but also Lab & Office

    BIM design - promote the laboratory design into the era of big data, realize the laboratory 3D digital modeling, 3D pipeline comprehensive coordination, engineering quantity statistics, pedestrian evacuation analysis, 3D visual function diagram design drawing generation and construction support

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    From the main body to ventilation to electrical and sewage treatment, the construction and installation team of ceidilab professional laboratory is constructed in full accordance with the design drawings, and the construction process is followed up by qualified and experienced constructors, CNAs reviewers and project managers. Focus on the rationality of material selection, the standardization, safety and effectiveness of the installation of ventilation, water supply and drainage, circuit laying, gas pipeline and other systems, so as to ensure that the construction process of the laboratory meets the design requirements, relevant laboratory accreditation requirements and customer requirements.