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Xidi is committed to providing the most reliable laboratory environment for laboratory users. How to provide you with the most appropriate laboratory construction comprehensive solution according to your enterprise needs is always the goal of Xidi unremitting pursuit. Here, we summarize some common problems about laboratory construction


What projects have Xidi done?

Laboratory system engineering generally includes laboratory furniture (table top function cabinet accessories), ventilation and exhaust system (fan air duct air volume and strong and weak current control system, waste gas treatment system), pipeline system (gas pipe water and wastewater treatment system), clean system (clean room decoration) Supporting equipment), laboratory instruments and equipment, laboratory decoration (laboratory interior decoration, weak current docking, strong current docking, office decoration)


What projects have Xidi done?

Over the years, Xidi has accumulated rich experience and project cases. Among them, biomedical customers account for 43%, chemical industry accounts for 31%, light industry accounts for 14%, and others account for 12%.


Key points of laboratory design?

1. Laboratory area and instrument placement 2. Laboratory power supply design 3. Whether the laboratory needs purification and purification level 4. Laboratory water supply and drainage design 5. Laboratory illumination and noise control design 6. Laboratory illumination and noise control design 7. Communication interface problem 8. Laboratory preparation work completion


What is the service process of Xidian?

1. Plan establishment (determine the building structure and floor area of the laboratory, determine the industrial process of laboratory operation, room function, determine the requirements of air conditioning, power, water supply, drainage, gas supply, etc., and study materials and costs; 2. Basic design (plane design, elevation, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, power supply design, construction scheme and division of responsibilities, supporting facilities plan) of the laboratory 3. Implementation design (project design of all kinds of laboratory equipment, specifications, quantity, technical requirements, design of special equipment, engineering design and calculation of air conditioning, sanitation and Electrical Engineering) 4. Construction and installation (production and matching of various equipment, on-site construction, installation and testing, water supply and drainage of air conditioning, circuit, gas circuit and other engineering construction) 5 Maintenance management (regular inspection, maintenance management)


What information does Xidi laboratory need from customers?

1. Laboratory basic information (laboratory address, floor, area, floor height / beam height, estimated service time, budget) 2. Types and requirements of laboratory furniture (domestic or imported) 3. Laboratory room information (room name, area and quantity, room temperature / humidity / cleanliness requirements, main equipment / quantity) 4 Decoration requirements of laboratory office area (room name, room area and quantity, number of rooms, remarks, etc.)


How to contact the professional consultant of Xidi laboratory?

No matter where you come from, we will do our best to help you. We will contact you at your convenience according to your area, and make an appointment with you for free survey time or detailed discussion time.


How can I contact Xidi?

If you have any questions, please visit our website www.sarenlab.com , or click "contact us" to leave us a message. We will get back to you within 3 hours. You can also call for advice. Office hours: 8:55-18:00, Tel: 400-0700-0821021-62258820