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post:Market channel
Workplace:Huangpu District
Number of recruiters:2

Market channel


1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of retail customers in Shanghai and surrounding areas, regularly visit customers, promote brands and products, and provide customers with consultation and promotion of home design;

2. Implement business development for customers in other industries, obtain order opportunities and follow up to promote orders.

3. Design, quotation, measurement, business negotiation, contract signing, order placement and after-sale tracking according to customer needs, and coordinate the smooth progress of orders;

4. Maintain a good cooperative relationship between the company and its customers, and continuously improve the brand awareness and influence of the company's products in the industry;

5. Cooperate with the marketing department to plan and carry out current promotion activities for retail channels and industry customers;

6. Capture industry information, follow competitors' trends, and obtain potential business opportunities.

Job requirements

1. More than 2 years of industry sales experience;

2. Familiar with tooling design, especially familiar with laboratory, clean engineering is preferred, who can independently operate design software (AutoCAD, 3DMax) is preferred;

3. College degree or above is required;

4. Good image and temperament, with excellent personal charm and sales skills and experience; basic English communication skills are preferred.

5. Have strong communication skills, stress resistance and good teamwork awareness.

post:Project budgeter
Workplace:Huangpu District
Number of recruiters:2

Project budgeter


1. Budget, quotation, bidding documents for clean room EPC engineering, laboratory EPC engineering, and interior decoration engineering;

2. Responsible for project settlement management, compiling quotations for external completion settlement and submission for review, and assisting in project settlement negotiations;

3. Manage and maintain quotation templates, and regularly update the information prices of market materials;

4. Assist in the formulation of cost control/purchase plan;

Job requirements

1. College degree or above, 2 years or more of relevant work experience in interior decoration and other engineering projects such as cost control, budget and final accounts, bidding and project management;

2. Familiar with the bidding process, familiar with decorative engineering drawings, familiar with quotation software (such as Guang Lianda, etc.) is preferred;

3. Familiar with the project bidding workflow, operation, relevant laws, regulations and systems; a budget or cost engineer certificate is preferred;

4. Have strong coordination skills, good communication and expression skills;

post:Main case designer
Workplace:Huangpu District
Number of recruiters:2

Main case designer


1. Communicate with customers, implement design plans, and control various professional issues of the project;

2. Ability to negotiate bills and measure houses independently; be proficient in using decorative materials, master construction techniques, understand basic knowledge of supporting expertise, and have the ability to deal with on-site problems;

3. Familiar with quotation budget, business negotiation, contract signing, construction site coordination, etc.;

4. Follow the construction site to carry out plan rectification and solve construction difficulties.

Job requirements

(1) Architecture, interior design, environmental art and other related majors, bachelor degree or above;

(2) Proficiency in operating cad, ps, su and other software;

(3) Able to independently complete the project design plan, and have design and construction experience in tooling projects;

(4) Have good communication skills, strong teamwork skills and professionalism, and make progress;

(5) More than 2 years of work experience as a tooling designer;

(6) All participating projects have commissions, and there will be year-end bonuses. 

post:CAD designer
Workplace:Huangpu District
Number of recruiters:2

CAD designer


(1) Assist and cooperate with the chief designer in deepening the design work and complete the drawing of a full set of construction drawings;

(2) Able to quickly and fully understand the design intent, and convert it into detailed drawings of the construction drawings;

(3) Assist to participate in the cooperation and negotiation of the project construction site;

(4) Assist in follow-up on various materials and project progress.

Job requirements

(1) College degree or above in interior design and other related majors;

(2) Office and decoration construction drawing production experience (tooling);

(3) Proficient in AUTOCAD software, and proficient in using other related software at the same time;

(4) Familiar with the specifications and requirements for drawing construction drawings;

(5) Very proficient in various detailed processing, joints, and closing methods, and can independently complete the entire set of construction drawings. Rich experience in construction, knowledge of materials and design estimates;

(6) Work proactive, enthusiastic, efficient, and rigorous;

(7) Have good understanding and communication skills, strong organization and coordination, teamwork and problem-solving skills;

(8) Diligent and practical, with good professional ethics, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, rigorous and stable, able to withstand work pressure.

post:project manager
Workplace:Huangpu District
Number of recruiters:2

project manager


1. Responsible for the management and on-site construction of the entire general contracting project, and play an absolute supervisory responsibility for the quality, schedule, safety management, file management, and acceptance management of the project;

2. Responsible for the collaboration and communication between the project participants during the construction period, including the company, the owner, and government departments;

3. Familiar with various decoration materials such as laboratory/tooling is preferred, and gradually familiar with construction technology and process; proficient in mechanical and electrical decoration;

4. Familiar with the construction qualification documents, familiar with the government project filing process, familiar with the clean room installation and commissioning process is preferred;

5. Those with special priority can relax the conditions appropriately;

6. Renovation talents who prefer HVAC, electrical, and clean are required to join.

7. Need to hold a certificate to work (the second construction-construction and mechanical and electrical), first construction priority (construction and mechanical and electrical)

Job requirements

1. More than 5 years of relevant work experience, including more than 2 years of team management experience, able to work independently, a driver’s license is preferred; a second construction certificate and a safety officer certificate are required;

2. Good image, determined to be engaged in engineering and project management; good communication and expression skills, clear logical thinking;

3. Strong resistance to pressure, integrity, integrity, and teamwork spirit; a spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work;

4. Be aggressive, confident and optimistic, and have a strong sense of professionalism.