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Tobacco physical and chemical laboratory planning and system construction focus | CEIDI


Tobacco (scientific name: Nicotiana tabacum L.) is a plant of the Nicotiana genus Solanaceae. It is an annual or limited perennial herb with glandular hairs all over it; roots are stout. The stem is 0.7-2 meters high, and the base is slightly lignified. The leaves are oblong-lanceolate, lanceolate, oblong or ovate, with a pointed tip, and a narrow base until the stem becomes ear-shaped and half embracing the stem. The inflorescences are terminal, paniculate, many flowers; pedicels are 5-20 mm long. The capsule is ovate or oblong, approximately equal to the persistent calyx in length. The seeds are round or broad and oblong, with a diameter of about 0.5 mm, brown. Flower and fruit in summer and autumn. Tobacco is widely cultivated in all provinces and regions in the north and south of my country. At present, there are 24 provinces and autonomous regions in China for tobacco planting and production, and 6 major tobacco production areas have been formed.

Tobacco research is divided into two groups-agriculture and industry

The tobacco laboratory of the agricultural group laboratory mainly researches the monitoring and comprehensive management of tobacco pests and diseases, tobacco biotechnology breeding, the utilization of tobacco genetic resources, and tobacco molecular genetics.

The laboratories of the industrial group research the basic research of tobacco flavor, tobacco industry biotechnology, cigarette flavoring technology, cigarette functional materials, cigarette technology and equipment research and so on. It mainly covers cutting-edge technologies in the fields of biomass combustion, material synthesis, process control, industrial drying, scientific instruments, threshing and redrying, fine sticks, and reconstituted tobacco.

Tobacco laboratories, from the cultivation and growth of tobacco crops to the control of cigarette products, are all developing in the direction of low charcoal and harm reduction. Cigarette formulas, silk-making processes, flavors and fragrances, reconstituted tobacco leaves by papermaking, and expanded shredded tobacco have become the main work points of various enterprises, and related technological research and development are also being carried out. Today, I will study the tobacco experiment with CEIDI Xidi. The layout of the tobacco laboratory still follows the layout of the laboratory.

The layout of the tobacco physical and chemical laboratory:

1. Sample storage room:

Simple pretreatment and short-term storage of the obtained samples. The main equipment includes sample drying rack, sample selection experiment table, electronic scale, ventilation device and so on.

2. Sample preparation room:

Separate the tobacco leaf sample preparation room and the soil sample preparation room, which can preprocess tobacco and soil samples and prepare experimental analysis samples. The main equipment includes a standard sample preparation table, an oven, a soil sieve, etc.

3. Sample storage room:

There is a sample storage cabinet inside, and the storage room is required to be cool and dry to ensure the safety of sample storage.

4. Distilled water sample room:

The main equipments are water distillers and experimental benches.

5. Balance room:

The main equipment includes one ten-thousandth balance, one hundredth of a day balance, and a test bench.

6. The digestion room:

The main equipment includes a fume hood (including ventilation pipes and water sources), a conventional digestion furnace, a temperature controller, and a laboratory bench.

7. Routine testing and analysis room:

The main equipment includes near-infrared spectrum analyzer, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, oven, refrigerator, PH meter, titration device, centrifuge, shaker, water bath, standard light source, etc., as well as supporting experimental benches.

8. Pathology laboratory:

The main equipment includes ultra-clean workbench, microscope, dissecting mirror, incubator, refrigerator, etc.

The design of the tobacco physical and chemical laboratory is almost the same as that of the conventional physical and chemical laboratory. Special attention should be paid to the design of the constant temperature and humidity laboratory and the ventilation system. The plane layout is based on the principle of simple and fast experimental workflow and non-circular routes. In particular, it should be noted that: smoke analysis is very important for guiding the formula, process and quality control of cigarettes. Smoke analysis includes: tobacco thermal weight loss explanation product collection and analysis; smoke sulfur compound analysis. Research on the quality improvement and modification of cigarettes; research on physical properties of smoke and its environmental impact; research on cigarette harm reduction technologies; research on cigarette metabolism, etc. Pay special attention to the ventilation system of the tobacco laboratory when designing the laboratory. The ventilation system is the equipment that occupies the largest indoor space, and its investment amount is relatively large. In order to ensure a good ventilation effect and save money, it is necessary to centralize the layout of laboratories with ventilation equipment. It can effectively reduce the length of the ventilation duct, facilitate the management of fire compartments, and also facilitate the installation of an air supply system and a necessary air supply heat balance system. The tobacco industry has more than 300 industry standards, and there are more than 100 industry standards related to laboratory construction. The experience of CEIDI Xidi is: When building a tobacco laboratory, the safety of people and objects must be put first. Position, and then go to cooperate with the craft to do the relevant function room configuration. As explained in the article, only by grasping the particularity of the tobacco industry's craftsmanship can we complete the construction work in a targeted manner.