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CEIDI helps BLG build a hydrocolloid food research and development center


Shanghai Beilian Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as BLG), a biotechnology company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of hydrocolloids, is a world-renowned manufacturer of carrageenan and konjac gum. The annual processing of carrageenan is about 15,000 tons, accounting for 20% of the world's carrageenan market. In 2020, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Agriculture and Biotechnology of Shanghai Jiaotong University to establish a future food joint laboratory to build a future food raw material research and development center based on hydrocolloid technology.

The decoration design of this kind of food and pan-food production plants is based on the element of "safety and sanitation" to plan the functional layout and the configuration of decoration building materials. CEIDI Xidi, as the design unit of the R&D experiment center designated by BLG, has carried out a comprehensive design and decoration plan for the future food joint laboratory according to its product research and development direction, technological process, and the company's future development plan. The production process of carrageenan, konjac gum and other products is roughly as follows: weighing raw materials → washing → cutting → alkaline washing → washing → steaming → filtering → cooling → solvent gel → filtering → taking gel → squeezing → drying. In terms of professionalism, it involves food chemistry, microbiology, physics and other disciplines; in terms of function, it involves complicated processes such as ventilation, exhaust, water supply, and drainage; at the same time, environmental protection, safety, and sustainable development must be considered. And many other factors; in terms of cleanliness, it must meet GMP standards. Only experienced clean engineering designers can give economic, practical and sustainable design solutions.

At the same time, the designer of CEIDI Xidi said: The central laboratory with food/raw material research and development as its main function, in addition to the research and development small test function, will also have more reception tasks, and undertake functions such as procurement roadshows. Inside the laboratory, especially the decoration design style of the administrative display area needs to be more modern and intelligent. The design of these areas tends to show the designer’s artistic cell more. In addition, food and pan-food companies should pay special attention to the following four aspects in the design content around the "clean" category:

1. In each purification operation room, an independent front room is set as an air lock, and the air lock room is communicated with each operation room at the same time to ensure that the air in the low-clean area does not penetrate into the high-clean area.

2. The flow of people in the laboratory goes through the locker room to change clothes and shoes → wash room to wash hands → buffer room → air shower → various operating rooms.

3. Relevant logistics flows from the outer corridor through the mechanical interlocking self-disinfecting transfer window after disinfection, enters the buffer corridor, and then enters the operation rooms through the transfer window.

4. High-efficiency and medium-efficiency air purification equipment should be selected according to the requirements of the clean room.

In fact, for food/pan-food laboratories, all designs are based on the premise of preventing cross-contamination. For example: the planning of the flow of people should follow the principle of high cleanliness area → low cleanliness area, that is, the movement of people is from clean area → quasi-clean area → polluted area; as for the flow of logistics, the opposite is true. It is from low cleanliness area→high cleanliness area, that is, from polluted area→quasi-clean area→clean area.

The clean project is different from the conventional decoration project. In the early stage, the experienced design team participates in the planning and design of the plant area, and then it can get twice the result with half the effort when it is put into use in the later stage. As a clean engineering construction expert, CEIDI assisted the BLG clean engineering project this time, helping BLG achieve the goal of both scientific research and production value, and boosting the added value of products from the basic level.